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First date plays a very vital role in succeessful dating with Russian women for marriage. For single guys who are troubled for the first date with Russian beauties read this article.

What To Talk With Pretty Russian Girl

To talk face to face is not like chatting through emails or live chat services. A good first date allows for conversation but at the same time takes some of the focus off you so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly. The first date ideas on this list provide the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. Just recognize that not every first date idea will work for every type of girl. Before you plan some kind of outdoorsy activity, you’ll want to make sure she’s the outdoorsy type. And you don’t want to take a girl to a museum if she’s going to be bored to tears. Think about her interests and her personality before you prepare the topics. Here is an example.
Topic: what do you do on weekends?
This is a very simple question to ask on a date with your future Russian bride, but one that is very revealing. You can know a lot about a person. Weekends are that time of the week when you don’t have to work or worry about anything, and it’s all about doing what you like. It’s that time when you indulge in activities that really give you joy. So what does your date like doing on weekends? Are they compatible with your interests. You may also know more about the characteristics and personalities about your lady. Hanging out in unwashed boxers and playing a game on the PlayStation, or spending a whole day on facials and massages can seem like fun to many, but what about you? Getting this compatibility wrong will lead to a very frustrating love life. Talk about something simple and that can increase your understanding and improve your relationship.

First Date With Beautiful Russian Woman

First Date With Beautiful Russian Woman

Where To Go With Russian Girls Looking For Marriage

If you really don’t know a good place, you may think about the interests and likes of your Russian girl. Actually, any place can be perfect for the first date if you’re looking at dating someone for a long time, and not a quick fling. Choose a place where both of you can spend around an hour, but not more than two hours. Both of you should be comfortable and have an option to end the date. First date should not be too long.

First Date Gifts For Russian Girlfriend

Gifts do not mean gifts. They may also symbolize your feeling to the Russian lady, your politeness, and your respect to her and her culture. Because when dating Russian women you must know that politeness matters and Russian people like gifts. If you really want to make an impression, gifts speak louder than words. But be careful, it shouldn’t be something that reminds her of you later if the date doesn’t work out, so make it something edible or disposable. A gift for her Dad would really be impressive!


Now that you have spent some time and great efforts to get to know the single Russian woman and have gained a basic understanding of your ideal  bride, it is a schedule time for you to meet Russian woman at her home town and have a first date. To some guys first date may be easy if they have the experience. But to many other guys they don’t know what to do. Fortunately here are some great rules to guide your first date. Read this article now, get the essence and make full preparations.

Want A Charming Date With This Beautiful Russian Woman?

Want A Charming Date With This Beautiful Russian Woman?

Have Some Plans For The First Charming Date.

At least, you should have two plans. One is backup plans. Either have a romantic dinner with her or go for a walk in a park. No matter what ways think clearly about some alternatives. Good plan on the first date can show your attractive qualities to your ideal girl. She will know that you are cool and can manage all the things. Don’t forget about where to go and what to do on the special, key and romantic date.

Don’t Be Late For The First Date With Gorgeous Russian Woman

In the traditions of Russian people politeness is very vital in work and dating. It is the worst scene to keep your girl waiting for you at the first date. You may be late for future dates. And in a sense you may be excused. But in a first date you and your girl are both excited and pleasant. Your being late probably ruins the relaxing and sweet atmosphere.

Charming Date With Gorgeous Russian Women

Charming Date With Gorgeous Russian Women

Have A Short First Date With Future Beautiful Russian Bride

If you want to set up a long term relationship and even want to marry her, you had better leave something for your lady to expect after first date. Stop the date at a appropriate time. In this way you can make a good impression as well as interest her.

Give Some Words Of Compliment.

In order to have a pleasant date, your beautiful Russian girl must have spent some time preparing and getting ready for it. So make sure that you give her some compliments at her clothes, hair or other things. Another thing is you should be careful about your compliment words. Don’t tell too much compliment words. And tell honestly and sincerely. Otherwise, they will result in opposite effects.

To find a Ukrainian wife or beautiful Russian bride you have gotten to learn some dating etiquette to touch and please the lady you like. Dating in real life is sometimes nerve wracking. It is full of subtle things among which many you should pay special attention to. Once you neglect some of them it may result in misunderstanding, embarrassment and even breakup. And Russian and Ukrainian people think highly of politeness. Considering this and for the purpose of its members, CharmingDate offers some etiquettes about dating and meeting them.

Dating hot Ukrainian girls and single Russian Women

Dating hot Ukrainian girls and single Russian Women

How To Date Hot Ukrainian Girls Or Russian Beauties

1 Sending Gifts Or Flowers To Your Girlfriend

In Russian and Ukrainian culture there are some different ideas and customs regarding to sending gifts and flowers. First, Bring flowers in an even number. Otherwise, you girl will be upset. It is a custom in Russia and Ukraine to send even numbers of flowers at funerals. Also, don’t send yellow flowers. It means bad luck and parting.

2 Chatting With Gorgeous Russian Women Or Ukrainian Lady

When chatting online or meeting in the first date, don’t reach the topics that are controversial. Don’t talk about religion or politics. You may talk about them unless your relationship can help you cope with those topics. In case that you are in a heated argument just wait and move on to another topic that is less contentious. You can deal with those topics when both of you are calm.

Meet Ukrainian Girls And Russian Girls

3 First Date With Future Ukrainian And Beautiful Russian Bride

In the cultures of Russia and Ukraine, women comes first. It is a fine tradition. So at first date with your girl hold a door, pull a chair, let her order first, do the pouring for your dating girl and pay the bill, etc. . These chivalrous and generous gestures are greatly welcomed in their eyes. Of course, there are exceptions. Some women may not like the ideas of being a gentleman. And she insists in her opening the door or doing other things herself, don’t force her. Notice her hints and behave normally.

4 There are some ways to input excitement and pleasant atmosphere to your communication. For example, when you listen to your girl’s talking, you can do some body language or use some verbal communication to imply that you are listening carefully. Make eye contact, nod you head, ask questions, repeat what she says or many other ways to show you are following her and are engaged in the communication. Never spend a lot of time making telephone calls or sending messages.

5 There are other things important not only for your first date but also for many social occasions. Choose a right place. Be punctual. Dress according to the occasion.

Live Video—-To Meet Your Gorgeous Russian Women
CharmingDate upgraded its live chat service: Live Video. It is an upgraded online dating service. With it you can get the chance to meet your Russian girl or hot Ukrainian girl just as seeing them in real life. It is a one-way service: with it you can see your girl while she cannot see your face.

Video Chat With Your Beautiful Russian Girl At CharmingDate.com

Video Chat With Your Beautiful Russian Girl At CharmingDate.com

When you chat and date your beauties online, do you want to see more of her? Don’t wait, use it. If you are wondering whether the girl you are dating online is real or not, no worry and Video chat help you. You have taken a great fancy to her and you are eager to meet her or you miss her very much. You want to use the Cupid Date Service but currently you don’t have enough time or you are occupied with other things. What to do? Use Live Video. Just take a click in a second. You dream will come true or your worries will be resolved.
With Live Video, you can become closer to your girl. Your relationship development becomes more smoothly. With it dating online is just like dating in person. You can talk to her, call her, write to her, hear her voice and meet her.
How to use it at CharmingDate? If your Russian girlfriend has a webcam when chatting with you, you can communicate to her. After you build up your communication circle with this girl, the embedded video session in Live Chat window will automatically begin to play, allowing you to see exactly who you are chatting with. You can see the smile of your loving girl. If you want to stop the video, click “Stop Video”. Click “Start Video” you can star again.
As for the cost, the cost of Live Chat is 0.5 credits for every five minutes. Because Video Chat is a function and service embedded in the service Live Chat. If you use Live Video the charge will be 1 credit per 5 minutes.
With better and better Russian dating service and Ukrainian dating sites you can have easier and happier dating.